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Conditions For Getting Turkiye Citizenship In 2023

ccording to Article 11 of the Turkish Citizenship Law, in order to obtain a Turkish passport, foreign nationals must meet the following conditions in accordance with the national law of their own country.

And stateless persons must be provided that they have received the legal age and have the ability to identify (Turkish Civil Code No. 4721), so that they can convince the Turkish government that they will be useful and safe citizens for the country.

Conditions for getting a Turkiye passport

Ways to get Turkish citizenship 2023:

  • Applicant for Turkish citizenship must be of legal age. If the applicant has not reached the legal age, he / she can only apply for Turkish citizenship through his / her legal parents’ application.
  • The applicant must have resided permanently in Turkey for five years. It is required that the person lives in the country for at least 180 days each year, and the documents for this residence are available.
  • Having appropriate behavior with the necessary sense of responsibility for social life, building trust, not having misbehavior or habits contrary to the values ​​of society (not having a bad record in Turkey)
  • Ability to speak Turkish to the extent that they can adapt to social life.
  • Having an income or a job to provide living expenses for her/himself or their family.
  • Absence of anything contrary to national security and public order
  • Do not suffer from infectious and incurable diseases

Benefits of Turkiye passport and citizenship

One of the advantages of a Turkish passport is that you can travel to more than 21 countries without a visa. Advantages of getting Turkish citizenship include:

  • You can travel to many European countries with a Turkish passport without the need for a visa. (Travel with a Turkish passport to 113 countries without a visa)
  • You do not need to stay in Turkey for a certain period to obtain Turkish citizenship. You can live outside of Turkey and follow the process to get citizenship in Turkey.
  • Turkish law is such that you do not have to declare all your assets in another country when you apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • The country enjoys a wonderful natural environment and excellent health facilities (better health services than the United States and the European Union).
  • Completely free medical services for all family members for the rest of their lives.
  • Free education of children (in government centers), and the existence of international educational centers
  • Starting a business or employment in government centers
  • Free trade away from all kinds of sanctions around the world
  • The right to social security benefits and government insurance
  • Dual citizenship is allowed in Turkey

Social benefits of Turkiye passport

Among the social benefits that a Turkish passport brings to you are the following:

  • Using banking services in most Turkish banks (except foreign banks)
  • Ability to send remittances in dollars and euros to Europe for commercial purposes
  • Possibility of employment in public and private offices, without obtaining a work permit in Turkey
  • The possibility of establishing a small business in Turkey, without any obstacles or problems
  • The possibility of doing legal work as advocacy or being hired as an official translator in the judiciary or Turkish Airlines.

The value of a Turkiye passport

Turkish passport is highly valued. According to 2019 statistics, the Turkish passport is ranked 39th in the world. With a Turkish passport, you can travel to 71 countries without a visa. You can also travel to 46 countries with the airport visa. Online visas can also be obtained from 7 countries. You should know that you have to get a visa to travel to 81 countries with a Turkish passport.

Types of Turkiye passports

The Turkish passport is among the 30 most valuable passports in the world, which are available in 4 colors: red, green, black, and gray.

  • Red passport is for ordinary citizens and foreign nationals who have a residency permit. And with a Turkish red passport you can travel to 114 countries without a visa.
  • Green passport that allow to travel to some countries without a visa. Which is mostly used for high-ranking military personnel and the armed forces.
  • Black passport, called a diplomatic, is also referred to as a black passport after 2010.
  • Gray passport that is used for some journalists.

Visa-free travel with a Turkiye passport in 2023

Any travel to another country with a Turkish passport without a visa is called a visa-free travel. With a Turkish passport you can travel to several countries listed in the table below. All you have to do is buy a ticket and pack your bags.

The list of countries, where travel with a Turkish passport does not require a visa or can be easily done with the airport visa, are as follows according to different continents. (Items marked with an * require the airport visa

How to get a Turkiye passport in 2023?

Based on your circumstances and goals, it depends on you to decide on the best way to get a Turkish passport. But you need to know that to start the process of getting a passport will take about 4 to 6 months.

Getting a passport and then Turkish citizenship is possible in the following ways:

  • Purchase of property worth $ 400,000 (refer to the Ministry of Urban Development)
  • Investing in Turkey (refer to the Ministry of Industry and Technology)
  • Registering a company in Turkey and create a job for 50 people (refer to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services)
  • 5-year residency in Turkey
  • Study in Turkey
  • Married to a Turkish citizen (after 3 years you can apply for residency)

Turkish passport through job offer

One of the cheapest ways to immigrate to Turkey is to find a job or get a job offer from a Turkish employer. The good news is that you can stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa. So, it is possible to search for a suitable job in person. After finding a job and spending at least 5 years, you can apply for a Turkish passport.

You can also search for a job online. The employer must submit the application for foreign employment within 10 working days on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The job seeker also has up to 90 days to submit his application along with all relevant documents to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate. The job seeker must obtain his residence card with a Turkish work visa.

We must state that job seekers are required to know Turkish and in some cases English. Other work visas are also available in Turkey, such as work visas for artists, athletes, journalists, technicians and university professors. The average wage in Turkey for international workers varies from $ 35,000 to $ 105,000.

Some fields, such as economics, IT and computer engineering, restaurant chain managers and engineers, have a better chance of receiving a job offer. 

Turkish passport through investment

One of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is by investing in the country. This is one of the easy and effortless ways, but it requires relatively high financial ability. Investing in Turkey is possible in 6 different ways:

  1. Buying property in Turkey (immovable property) worth 250 thousand US dollars (or the same amount in other currencies)
  2. Investment worth US $ 500,000 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  3. Establishing business in Turkey, entrepreneurship and employing at least 50 Turkish citizens
  4. Deposits in government and non-government banks, worth US $ 500,000 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  5. Purchase of government bonds worth US $ 500,000 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  6. Purchase of a share of participation or opening a deposit account in the immovable property investment fund worth $ 500,000 (or other currencies)

Investing in Turkey

To invest in Turkey, you must be at least 18 years old to get citizenship, and your plan must be economically justified.

The conditions for getting Turkish citizenship through investing are as follows:

The amount of fixed capital for investment or deposit for foreign nationals to obtain Turkish citizenship is $ 400,000, while previously it was $ 2,000,000.

If you intend to get citizenship by buying a property, the amount declared by the Turkish government is $ 400,000, which in previous years was $ 250,000.

The employment limit for Turkish citizens has also been reduced from 100 to 50, which must be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Your deposit must be done in one of the banks located in Turkey, which is approved by the Banking Supervision and Regulation Office.

If you buy government bonds for $ 500,000, these bonds must be approved by the Turkish Treasury. You are not allowed to transfer or sell securities to others for 3 years.

When buying a property to get Turkish citizenship, you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to buy or sell property for 3 years, and this issue is also mentioned in the property document.

Turkish passport through property purchase

The fastest and easiest way to get Turkish residency and citizenship is to buy a property. International investors in Turkey can own properties in Turkey worth US $ 400,000. In this way, according to the law, they can apply for citizenship and permanent residence.

Actually, there are rules, as you should not sell or convey the property for up to 3 years

You can get Turkish passport within 70 days after purchasing the property. 

In fact, if you, as a foreign investor, can buy a property worth US $ 500,000, you will no longer have to maintain it for up to three years. The process of getting a Turkish passport through buying a property takes approximately 65 to 80 days.

In other cases, citizenship can be obtained by purchasing property worth at least US $ 60,000. Of course, in this way, you will be granted a 3-year residency, which is a kind of tourist residency. This means that you will not be allowed to work in Turkey. If you can get hired and pay for your insurance, or register a company and hire 5 employees, you will get a work permit. 3-year tourist residence in Turkey can be extended up to 10 years. You should know that if you pre-purchase the property that is under construction, you will be allowed to buy the property in installments. But it will no longer be possible to get a loan to buy a property.

Buying property in Turkey

Benefits of obtaining citizenship through buying property in Turkey

One of the most popular ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is buying property in the country that provide numerous benefits, including:

  1. Easy and effortless purchase

Buying a property in Turkey is the best and fastest way to get a Turkish passport. In addition, it is guaranteed and there is no need to worry. Actually, the buying process will happen easily if you get help from experts and consultants.

  1. The growth of the property market in Turkey

The real estate market in Turkey is growing day by day and attracts many enthusiasts. The conditions are such that buying property is not only a way to gain citizenship, but also an investment in Turkey.

  1. Making money from investing in real estate

Another benefits of buying a property and gaining Turkish citizenship is earning money through real estate. Turkey is a country where demand for real estate is really high. You can also make money by buying one or more properties.

  1. The possibility of living in Turkey

The most obvious goal of buying a property and getting Turkish citizenship is to start a new life. By buying a property, you can easily live in Turkey and enjoy the benefits of living in Turkey.

Now, if you intend to get Turkish citizenship and have a passport by buying a property in Turkey, you must follow the steps below.

Procedures to get a Turkish passport through purchasing a property

  1. Select a property worth $ 250,000
  2. Receive Turkish tax code
  3. Opening a bank account in Turkey in the name of the buyer
  4. Determining the exact value of the property with the help of SPK experts
  5. Formally transfer the document in Tapu office
  6. Waiting to receive Turkish residency for 7 to 10 working days
  7. Receiving Turkish citizenship and passport for 1 to 3 months

Getting a Turkish passport through buying a property in installments in Turkey

One certain way to become a Turkish citizen is to buy a property worth $ 400,000. In addition, you should know that this amount must be transferred in full to the seller’s account in cash. In some cases, however, there are exceptions, and it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport by buying property in installments.

In such cases, a person can buy property in some special projects, pay only $ 300,000 (depending on the project, it may be more or less) in cash, and also receive Turkish citizenship.

The remaining amount will pay as follows:

  • You will first pay some of the total amount in cash,
  • The rest will be installment for you,
  • Repayment period will vary between 2 and 10 years.
  • In such a case, an amount as interest will be added to the initial amount.
  • The interest rate should be lower than the interest rate on loans in Turkey.
  • If the installment is repaid in less than one year, no interest will be added.

Turkish passport through company registration

You do not have to be a Turkish resident to register a company. However, by registering a company, you will receive a one-year residency. If you extend it for another 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence.

Also, by registering a company in the country, you will receive a kind of work-permit residency. If you want to apply for Turkish citizenship in the end, registering a company will show your activities to the government in a transparent way. This is an informal advantage, but your reputation by registering a company in Turkey is much higher than the reputation of a person who has only invested or bought a property. By registering a company, you can also apply for a credit card and use the facilities of Turkish banks. Taxes are also much lower in Turkey than in European and American countries. Read more in the special article on company registration processes in Turkey.

Getting Turkish citizenship through purchasing government stocks and bonds

Another way to get Turkish citizenship is to buy government stocks and bonds. This is a subset of investment ways in Turkey, and it is one of the safest ways to get citizenship. In the way, the applicant must purchase government bonds, or in other words, government debt, and hold it for 3 years. That is, it will not be allowed to sell or transfer it for up to 3 years. Of course, you should note that these bonds must be approved by the Turkish Treasury.

  • The minimum amount for getting Turkish citizenship in this way is about US $ 500,000, or the equivalent in other currencies.
  • In the same way, for the purchase of stocks, the minimum amount must be $ 500,000 and this time, it must be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Turkish passport through study

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a Turkish passport with a student visa. But you can increase your chances of finding a job in Turkey by studying in Turkey. After finding a suitable job in Turkey and spending 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence and citizenship.

Turkish passport through birth a child

You should know that Turkey follows the “right of blood”. This means that just by born a child in Turkey, your child or you will not become a citizen of the country. At least one parent must be of Turkish descent. In any case, getting residency for a child does not mean obtaining residency for parents. 

Turkish passport through marriage

Marriage is one of the ways that can lead to obtaining a Turkish passport, but this process is very time consuming. You need to prove that your marriage is real and provide evidence of the couple’s intimacy. Couples must also be over 18 years old. If proven, you will first be granted permanent residence. If you get Turkish residency through marriage, you can apply for Turkish citizenship and passport after 5 years.

As we mentioned, one of the most time-consuming ways to get residence in Turkey is marriage. Also, more than 3 years must have passed since the couple got married in order to apply for permanent residence in Turkey through marriage. Couples must prove that they have lived together and are financially able to live together. None of them should have a security issue. They must also have at least a house which is required for cohabitation. 

Turkish passport through asylum

Asylum is one of the most dangerous and unstable ways to immigrate to any country. It is true that Turkey is a party to the 1951 Geneva Convention. But it has repeatedly proven that the country does not adhere to these principles, at least for Middle Eastern asylum seekers. However, there is evidence that it treats European refugees well. “Istanbul Hamrah” recommends that you do not immigrate to Turkey as a refugee under any circumstances.

Turkish passport law

According to the new laws of Turkey, individuals can obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. In 2018, the Turkish government passed a law according to which, individuals can get Turkish citizenship and passports in the various ways mentioned above.

Regarding Turkish law, we find that who can apply for Turkish citizenship are as follow:

  • People who have become citizens of Turkey through citizenship.
  • Any person whose parent is a Turkish citizen.
  • A person can become a Turkish citizenship through legal conditions.
  • Adoption of children under 18 by Turkish citizens.
  • The birth of a child in Turkey under the condition that neither parent has the citizenship of another country.

Required documents for getting Turkish citizenship

You need the following documents to get Turkish citizenship:

  • Identity card
  • The original residence permit and its copy
  • Documents confirming the receipt of the first Turkish TI 
  • The original of the passport or any other document that can indicate the initial citizenship of the applicant. Even if the person has no original citizenship, there must be a document proving the lack of original citizenship
  • Time of departure from Turkey and all periods of stay in Turkey, which are specified by the passport stamp or other documents.
  • If the applicant is married, all official marriage documents, the identity of the spouse and the children under age of 18 are required. (A marriage certificate is sufficient for the identity of the spouse, and a birth certificate is sufficient for the identity of the children)
  • Copy of relatives’ ID card in Turkey (if any) and their address
  • Proof of income or documents proving financial ability
  • Certificate of language proficiency issued by the Turkish Consulate during an interview
  • 4 pieces of photo taken in the recent month

Getting citizenship through the turquoise system

You may ask, what is a turquoise card for Turkey? The turquoise card of Turkey is almost like a green card for Turkey, but there are some differences. According to the rules of the Turkish Cabinet, people who having special skills are allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship. These people must have special skills such as: having knowledge in the fields of information technology, economics, sports, culture and art, or they can be professional managers and investors. In other words, instead of attracting cheap labor, they try to select potential immigrants within their borders. This card is also called Turkuaz.

The Turkish Turquoise Card is initially issued to the applicant with a three-year credit. On the back of the card is a scoring system. That is, it checks if you have been active and helpful during this period. It depends on how you present your financial and business reports on a regular basis.

After three years, reviewing your work experience in Turkey, a turquoise card will be issued to you with unlimited credit. The good news is that after two years you can continue working and living in Turkey as a citizen.

Dual Turkish citizenship

Dual citizenship actually means having another citizenship. In the term, it is referred to people who have dual citizenship. Turkey is one of the countries that has no problem with dual citizenship. Some countries, such as Japan, do not accept dual citizenship.

Cost of getting Turkish citizenship

Prior to 2018, investors could have acquired Turkish citizenship by investing $ 500,000 in real estate. But the government reduced that amount to $ 250,000 in order to earn the required income. This means that in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, the minimum value of your property must be $ 250,000.

Revocation of Turkish citizenship application

Sometimes it happens that a person, for whatever reason, decides to personally revoke Turkish citizenship. It should be noted that, like the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, revoking is also a bit complicated and requires certain conditions.

For detailed information in this regard, we suggest that you refer directly to the embassies or consulates of the country. As if the beginning of the process should be followed by the embassy.

To revoke Turkish citizenship, a person must meet the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age.
  • Be sane and have the ability to make decisions.
  • Be a citizen of another country, or in the process of obtaining it.
  • The person is not being prosecuted and has not committed a crime.
  • Having financial ability.

Whether you are originally a Turkish or have acquired Turkish citizenship as a foreigner, you must apply to the Turkish Ministry of Interior, its affiliated branches, or its embassies and consulates for citizenship revocation. These organizations review your condition and, if qualified, register your application for revocation of Turkish citizenship. In addition:

  • It will take about 2 years for the revocation of citizenship to be finalized.
  • This period is due to the fact that the process of obtaining your citizenship from another country becomes official.


7 Main Stages of The Turkish Citizenship Application

Foreigners have the opportunity to get Turkish citizenship by buying property with only  400 thousand dollars. 

The stages of Turkish citizenship are divided into seven basic steps. Citizenship files in Turkey go through several stages before obtaining it, and Turkish law does not specify a specific period between applying for citizenship and receiving it.

In today’s article, we will discuss the stages that a foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship goes through in detail. The vision becomes clear for every person who possesses the property for this purpose.

Table of Content

    • 1- Certified copies and translations
    • 2- Procurement procedures and the signing of the Tapu.     
    • 3- Preparing the conformity form.    
    • 4- Evaluating the price of the property with an approved institution.   
    •  5- Issuance of real estate residency.  
    • 6- Receiving the decision to grant Turkish citizenship.   

      • Extracting documents
      • Translate the necessary documents
      • Authentication of the documents required by the notary public or known as “Noter” in Turkey.
      • We help you to obtain your tax number 
      • Open a bank account in Turkey
      • Send the translated and certified documents to the competent authorities on your behalf. 7- Handing over the Turkish passport . 

      • We provide real estate consultancy to help you define your purchase goals in line with your budget.
      • We direct you to the best types of real estate and suitable areas for investment and to obtain Turkish citizenship at the same time.
      • We accompany you on real estate tours for all the projects that you like.
      • We choose the best property with you.
      • We take care of all the procedures for preparing the purchase contract
      • We closely review the terms and conditions of the purchase contract with you
      • We help you transfer money and pay the first amount of ownership.
      • We help you with all procedures for obtaining the complete title deed “Tabu” until the signing stage.

      • The first price is $ 400,000
      • Paying the property value in full 

      • Travel to and from Turkey without the need for a visa
      • It is automatically renewed annually as long as the owner does not sell the property.
    • If you want to be one of our valued customers, contact us through our website
    • Turkish citizenship link to track all stages available by the General Directorate of Souls and Citizenship in Turkey.
    • Finally, the procedures for owning, applying for Turkish citizenship and receiving a Turkish passport do not exceed two months.
    • The Turkish passport is prepared in a short envelope, and immediately when ready, Alhuda’s lawyer will collect it.
    • The lawyer prepares the file to receive the Turkish passport for the investor and his family members (wife and children under 18 years) to the concerned departments.
    • Immediately after the issuance of the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship, the lawyer of Alhuda Real Estate Investment in Turkey continues the rest of the legal and administrative procedures that follow the grant decision.
    • The decision to grant Turkish citizenship is considered the most critical stage in Turkish citizenship. It officially confirms the foreign investor’s acquisition of Turkish nationality, which paves the way for him to carry the Turkish identity and the Turkish passport.
    • Our lawyers undertake to go to the relevant departments to receive the decision to grant Turkish citizenship and review it legally.
    • Our team of real estate lawyers follows all stages of Turkish citizenship until the decision to grant Turkish citizenship is issued.
    • The real estate residence has several advantages, most notably:
    • On the other hand, real estate residence helps children of the investor over 18 years to reside comfortably in Turkey, preventing them from obtaining Turkish citizenship underage.
    • The real estate residence permit helps in the legal residence of the investor and his family members until Turkish citizenship is issued.
    • Once the file of Turkish citizenship is submitted, the Alhuda team is also responsible for providing all the papers and documents necessary for the issuance of real estate residency for the property owner and his family members.
    • Preev alert  Investment in Turkey takes care of all procedures for evaluating the property’s price through certified companies. They issue an official document to assess the property destined for Turkish citizenship.
    • In Turkey, companies approved by the Turkish state are the only ones authorized to evaluate or evaluate the property’s price, and any document issued by real estate brokerage companies or construction companies is not accepted.
    • However, the applicant for Turkish citizenship must present a document proving that the property’s purchase price matches the amount required in the naturalization law.
    • This document has a validity period of three months. The foreign investor must renew the valuation, given that real estate prices in Turkey and the investment value rise periodically.
    • The buyer cannot obtain Turkish citizenship unless the real estate appraisal document is submitted. You must prove that the property price at the time of purchase is equivalent to 400 thousand US dollars according to the exchange rate.
    • Preev alert  helps the foreign investor to prepare and fill out the form in order to submit it with the Turkish citizenship application file.
    • This form confirms the conformity of the property that the investor purchased with the criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship in two respects:
    • Preev alert  Investment in Turkey provides its valued customers with the service of preparing the conformity form. 
    • We will help you to own a Turkish property as we guarantee the following:
    • We have a professional team to translate from Turkish into all foreign languages, especially English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Russian. 
    • At this stage,  you will not find difficulties concerning the Turkish language. Our team of experts takes care of extracting all the necessary documents and papers. Also, they will translate everything complicated for you to understand during the translation and certification procedures.
    • Once you intend to obtain Turkish citizenship, Preev alert  will provide you with everything related to the procedures:
  • Here are the stages of Turkish citizenship in detail:
  • Below we will convey to you the most important steps that you will go through if you choose Preev alert as a way to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property.
  • Preev alert  provides a Turkish citizenship application service, as it helps the customer to own ownership and all procedures until receiving the Turkish passport.

Before starting, you can check the result of applying for Turkish citizenship

:through the following General Directorate website

Stages of Turkish citizenship:

Application registration: (general, marriage, exceptional)

It means: Your application for Turkish citizenship has been registered in the electronic citizenship system by the Civil Status Department, and the necessary work and procedures will begin.

Investigation completed: (General, Marriage)

It means: The investigation has been completed by the relevant authorities in your governorate regarding your application. You will be notified of the interview date via telephone. (This step is not available through exceptional submission).

Preparing for an interview in the Nufus circle: (General, Marriage)

It means: The interview procedures related to your application for Turkish citizenship have been completed and the necessary works and procedures have been implemented before being sent to the General Directorate .

The documents have been sent to the Public Nufus Department, but they have not arrived yet: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

After completing your documents and after entering the interview at the Directorate of Populations in the province in which you live, all documents will be sent to the General Directorate of Populations (in Ankara)

The documents arrived at the General Directorate and the preliminary examination took place: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

The documents for applying for your Turkish citizenship have arrived at the General Directorate in Ankara and the preliminary examination has taken place

Your application documents will be reviewed (detailed review): (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

The documents for applying for your Turkish citizenship have arrived at the General Directorate in Ankara and an extensive examination is underway (comprehensive audit).

Archive stage (the stage that takes the longest time): (general, marriage, exceptional)

It is one of the longest stages, and at this stage, an inquiry is sent to the important ministries and government departments regarding your request including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, Turkish Intelligence, border crossings and crossing points, the Ministry of Commerce, Finance and the courts. All about Turkish national security. This stage is very long, from two months to two years, with regard to applying through (marriage, general, and exceptional).

The process of searching and evaluating your application for Turkish citizenship continues: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

Continue the research and evaluation process for your application for Turkish citizenship.

Your application for Turkish citizenship is in the approval stage to be included in the list that will be submitted to the Presidency of the Republic: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

Your application for Turkish citizenship is in the approval stage to be included in the list that will be submitted to the Presidency of the Republic.

Your application for Turkish citizenship has been included in the list that will be submitted to the Presidency of the Republic: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

Your application for Turkish citizenship has been included in the list to be submitted to the Presidency of the Republic.

Your application for Turkish citizenship has been sent to the Presidency of the Republic to make a decision: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

Your application for Turkish citizenship has been sent to the Presidency of the Republic for decision.

Your application for Turkish citizenship is in the process of being finalized: (general, marriage, exceptional)

Your application for obtaining Turkish citizenship is in the process of being completed, there are only very few steps left for you to obtain Turkish citizenship.

In order to be able to notify you of the outcome of the Turkish citizenship application, you must review the authority where your papers were submitted: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

You must go to the authority through which the Turkish citizenship was applied to obtain the result.

You have been notified of the outcome of your application for Turkish citizenship: (General, Marriage, Exceptional)

You have been notified of the outcome of your application for Turkish citizenship. 🇹🇷Congratulations.🥳🎊🎉


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