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Residence in Turkiye

You must first ask yourself, exactly for what purpose do you want to get residency? For study? To work or use banking services without restrictions? Maybe you are immigrating to Turkey for a comfortable life. There is a different way for any purpose. If you don’t know enough about ways of getting residency in Turkey, try to investigate and acquire information in order to find the way that is more appropriate to immigrate to Turkey.

Types of Residence Permits in Turkiye

Short-term residence permit

Within all residency permits, the Turkish short-term residency permit is the most sought after. This residency permit can be obtained for any of the following reasons:

  • For academic research purposes. 
  • To make commercial contacts or trade. 
  • To take part in a course of on-the-job education. 
  • In the scope of student exchange programs, for academic or related objectives. 
  • Tourism. 
  • Persons who purchase a property for more than $75000  USD receive Turkish residence; which is renewed every two years. 
  • Receiving medical care if you do not have one of the diseases is considered a risk to public health.

Family residence permit

A family residency permit can be issued to a Turkish national’s foreign wife, children below the age of majority, and dependent foreign kids. For people requesting for a residence permit to be granted, the sponsor must have enough money to sustain them.

Student residence permit

If you are coming to Turkey for the purpose of your studies, you will have to apply for a student residency permit. However, it will not be needed if you already have a family residency permit. 

All types of studies and educational programs are included in the student residency permit, from elementary and secondary classes to associate degrees, bachelor, master, PhD, medical studies… etc. 

Long-term residence permit

In case someone has stayed in Turkey for a period of 8 years continuously and has had a Turkish residency permit throughout this whole period, thus, he/she can apply for a long-term residency permit, which doesn’t have an expiration date. 

However, it should be mentioned that if someone has resided in Turkey as a refugee, secondary protection status holder, or humanitarian resident visa holderhe/she is not allowed to apply for a long-term residency permit.

Humanitarian residence permit

If someone is in Turkey without a valid visa, and no deportation has been made against that individual, is waiting to be deported, or can’t return to his/her country of residence because of some emergency case, he/she can apply for a humanitarian residency permit.

Residence permit for victims of human trafficking.

Anyone who is a victim of human trafficking can apply for this type of residency permit.

How to Apply for a TurkiyeResidence Permit?

  1. Getting residency in Turkiye through buying a property
  2. Getting residency in Turkiye through renting a property
  3. Getting residency in Turkiye through work permit
  4. Getting residency in Turkiye through study
  5. Getting residency in Turkiye through marriage
  6. Getting residency in Turkiye through investment
  7. Getting residency in Turkiye through company registration
  8. Getting residency through birth of a child
  9. Getting residency in Turkiye through asylum
  10. Getting Tourist residency in Turkiye

Getting residency in Turkiye through buying a property

In September 2018, Turkey introduced a new regulation requiring foreign nationals to purchase property in Turkey worth at least $250,000 USD in order to be eligible for a property ownership residence permit. However, in May 2021, Turkey updated the regulations and lowered the minimum property value to $75,000 USD for foreign nationals to obtain a property ownership residence permit.

This change was made in an effort to attract more foreign investment in the Turkish real estate market and to encourage more foreign nationals to obtain residency in Turkey through property ownership. The new regulation applies to all types of properties, including residential, commercial, and land.

Foreign nationals who purchase a property in Turkey valued at least $75,000 USD can now apply for a property ownership residence permit through the DGMM. The application process is similar to the previous regulation, and applicants must provide documents such as a passport, proof of property ownership, and proof of financial means to support their stay in Turkey. Applicants may also need to provide biometric data and undergo a medical examination.

The property ownership residence permit is valid for up to 2 years and can be renewed as long as the property is still owned by the foreign national. The permit allows the foreign national to stay in Turkey without the need for a visa, and it also allows for the inclusion of the spouse and children under the age of 18 in the same permit.

It is important to note that the property ownership residence permit is just one of the many types of residence permits available in Turkey. Each type of permit has its own requirements and conditions, and it is advisable to consult with a legal professional to determine which type of permit is the most appropriate for one’s situation.

In conclusion, the new regulation introduced in May 2021 lowers the minimum property value to $75,000 USD for foreign nationals to obtain a property ownership residence permit in Turkey. This change is aimed at encouraging more foreign investment in the Turkish real estate market and promoting residency through property ownership.

General conditions for getting residency by purchasing a property

    • Buying property in areas designated by the Turkish government (your property should not be around military land or strategic points.)
    • Transfer a property to another person is not allowed for 3 consecutive years.
    • Complete and submit the application form for Turkish residence and citizenship by purchasing the property
    • Provide a passport or document that identifies the citizenship status of the investor.
    • Provide witnesses and certificates that determine the civil status of the applicant.
    • Provide a receipt for full payment of taxes and other additional costs to the Turkish Ministry of Finance

    The “Istanbul Hamrah” team assist you in all of the above mentioned processes, and you can get detailed advice on purchasing the property from the experts and consultants.

Getting residency in Turkiye by buying inexpensive property

One of the common issues you share with our consultants is that other sources state that one can buy a house in Turkey with 150,000 lira. In fact, if you intend to buy a house based on such a price range, you should know that you will definitely not have the ideal choice for a good location. Consequently, such a decision lead to limited progress and the high risk in investing.

And also:

Poor area, lack of facilities, overcrowding, insufficient construction standards, lack of new-built house, distance from main roads and high investment risk are all factors that should be avoided in order to make a beneficial purchase for you and save your invest. You should choose a neighborhood that you deserve to live.

Due to the high risk that exists in this type of property purchase, “Preevalert” strongly recommends that do not waste your invest and make a purchase in a better situation that will benefit you.

Getting residency in Turkiye through renting a property

It is also possible to get a residency in Turkey by renting a house. So that you can apply for a one-year residence permit after renting the property. The lease must be legally executed and registered by a notary public, so that the Turkish Security Service can inquire about it.

Please note that renting a house in Turkey to get a residency is only for one year and cannot be extended. Unless you have purchased a property, found a job during this time, or apply for other ways of residency that are completely covered in the article.

Note: There is no limitation on the amount of renting your property. The only point to consider is that in Turkey, it is usually difficult for foreigners to rent a house.  Unless you have a guarantor or someone who introduce you, or you pay the rent six months or a year in advance.

Getting residency in Turkiye through work permit

  • One way to get a residency in Turkey is to immigrate to work in Turkey. In order to stay in Turkey through work, you must meet one of the following conditions.

    1. You must have a job offer from a Turkish employer.
    2. Foreign citizens who have a residence card can search for a job in Turkey according to their specialty. After you have found your job and made an agreement, the employer must register the foreign recruitment on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Then, the jobseeker has up to 90 days to submit his / her application with his / her documents to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate-General in order to receive a Turkish work visa.

Getting residency in Turkiye through study

Studying in Turkey is one of the best and least expensive ways to immigrate to Turkey. The Turkish education system is based on the Bologna Process method. Education in the country is under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education and it is mostly government.

Education in pre-school is up to the age of 6. Free and compulsory primary school is from the age of 6 to 14, high school and vocational school is from the age of 14 to 18, and finally education from the age of 18 and up in the university and college is possible.

Study in Turkey is a 2-year master’s degree, a 4-year bachelor’s degree, a 2-year master’s degree and a 3 to 5-year doctorate, and it is held under the auspices of the Turkish Higher Education Authority (YOK).

High schools in Turkey are divided into 6 groups: public (Duz Liseleri), vocational school (Meslek Lisereli), Anatolian (Anadolu Lisereli), special (Super Lisereli), science and technology (Fen Lisereli) and private schools (Ozel Lisereli).

Point to consider for residence permit to study in Turkiye

Just studying in Turkey does not lead to Turkish residency and citizenship. It only provides the basis for residency and citizenship. International students after graduation must work in the country for several years and pay taxes in order to get permanent residency in Turkey.

Cost of getting residency in Turkiye through study

The average cost of residency in Turkey through study in public university is between $ 500 and $ 2,200, private universities from $ 4,000 to $ 20,000, and medical universities from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000.

Getting residency in Turkiye through marriage

Residency in Turkey by marrying a Turkish citizen is one way to immigrate to Turkey. Applicants must be over 18 years old. In this way, the couple must live together for 3 years in order to apply for permanent residence in Turkey through marriage. In fact, they must prove that they have lived together during this time and they have a house required for living as well as have financial ability to manage costs.  Also, couples should not have a security issue. If they have been living together for 5 years, they can apply for a Turkish passport and citizenship.

Getting residency in Turkiye through investment

Residing in Turkey through investment is one of the best ways to get residency and according to Turkish law can lead to Turkish citizenship. So forth, you can get Turkish citizenship for yourself and your family (means spouse and children under the age of 18) by investing in the country. Also, the least requirements for investing in Turkey are to be at least 18 years old and to have an economic justification plan.

Investment projects in Turkiye

Buying property, registering a company, investing through bank deposits, investing through buying stocks, investing through buying government bonds, investing in real estate investing companies.

Buying property in Turkey is one of the best ways to invest in Turkey and can lead to get Turkish citizenship and passport.

Getting residency in Turkiye through company registration

One of the most common ways to get residency in Turkey is to register a company. Because the cost of registering a company in Turkey and the tax paid for it is really low compared to other countries, many people are encouraged to register a company in Turkey.

Getting residency through birth of a child

Residence in Turkey by birth of a child has special conditions. Because the country follows certain laws and it is considered a country subject to “right of blood”. This means that the birth of children of non-Turkish citizens does not result in their residence and citizenship unless at least one parent is of Turkish descent, who can apply for Turkish residency and citizenship for his/her child. Getting residency for a child does not mean getting parental residence and does not present parental rights.

If a child of non-Turkish parents born in Turkey, 6 months of legal residence in Turkey includes the child and the parents, during the time parents can apply for other ways of residency. Also, a child under the age of 18 cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.

If Turkish citizens accept the adoption of a non-Turkish child under the age of 18, they can also apply for her/his Turkish citizenship and residency. If they provided a series of conditions such as financial ability and etc.

Getting residency in Turkiye through asylum

“Preevalert” does not provide any asylum services. We explain residency in Turkey as a refugee simply to inform you, dear ones, the consequences and dangers of the migration route.

Who is called a refugee?

A refugee is someone who, for ideological, political, racial reasons, cannot live in her/his own country, and whose living conditions are difficult, and who are in danger of being persecuted, tortured and even killed. For these reasons, they try to leave their own country.

According to the provisions of the Geneva Convention, the country to which a refugee seeks asylum must provide him or her with the least necessary facilities for living.

Asylum problems

The cost of asylum in Turkey depends on many factors. You should know that Turkey only accepts refugees who are citizens of an EU country. There have not been a good record of welcoming refugees from other countries, especially the Middle East. These costs vary depending on the smuggler, your camp and etc.

“Istanbul Hamrah” does not recommend such immigration at all, and we recommend that you migrate through safer ways such as buying property, studying, working and getting married.

Tourist residency in Turkiye

Foreigner who enter Turkey for tourism purpose with visa or e-visa cannot stay longer than 90 days. Therefore, they should apply for a residence permit to extend duration of stay.  Another type of tourist residency described in the section on residency through renting property. You can rent a house in Turkey for one-year tourist residence, which of course cannot be extended unless you have found a job or invested in the country during this period.

In tourist residency, a person is not allowed to study or work, unless she/he obtains a permit and changes her/his type of residence.

Application tips for the Residency

If you are planning to stay in Turkey for the first time, there are some important issues to keep in mind. These tips are as follows:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least one year.
  • If the credit is less than one year, you will be issued the same duration for residence permit.

Moreover, for the first time, you must have the following documents with you:

  • Identity card (original and translation)
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married) (original and translation)
  • Turkish tax number
  • Admission time) randevuyu(

Another important point is that, before getting a randevuyu, you need to have a “registered address”. It does not matter if you intend to buy or rent a house, or live in a relative’s house. More importantly, note that you should not leave Turkey under any circumstances from the time of your appointment until you receive your residence card, in which case you will not be issued a residence permit.

New Turkiye Residence Law in 2023

  • On January 15, 2021, the Istanbul Immigration Office announced that residence permits would no longer be issued for some areas in Istanbul, whether by buying or renting a house, including:

    1. In Fatih area, residency is not given even after buying a house. Renting a house is also prohibited in the area, and only students can apply for residence in the district.
    2. In the Esenyurt district, which is a renovation area in Istanbul, based on the new Residence Law 2021, residence permits are issued only with the purchase of a house, and residence permit through renting a house is not accepted. Actually, this law has been implemented only for those who apply for tourist residence for the first time from January 15, 2021 onwards.
    3. “Preevalert” team recommends that you carefully investigate necessary conditions before buying and renting a property, and then proceed to buy or rent.

Cost of getting a residence permit in Turkiye

The cost of residing in Turkey varies in each way. The most expensive way to get a residence permit in Turkey is to buy a property, register a company and invest. After that, residence through study, residence through work permit and residence through marriage are low-cost ways to stay in Turkey, respectively.

For investing and purchasing a property, depending on selected properties, it can cost from $ 1,000 to $ 250,000. The cost of getting Turkish residency through study can vary depending on factors such as whether the university is Turkish-speaking or English-speaking. Receiving a scholarship can also reduce costs. But it usually costs $ 10,000 a year. This includes the cost of food, clothing, accommodation and university tuition.

The cheapest way to get a residence permit in Turkiye

The cheapest way to get a residence permit in Turkey is to have a job offer from a Turkish employer. The second way is education in Turkey and the third way is marriage. You can get a work and residence visa in Turkey by receiving a suitable job offer. This stay can be extended depending on your contract. If you extend it for 6 consecutive years, you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey.

Residence in Turkiye for people under 18 years

People under the age of 18 in Turkey are considered children, and it is important for their residence to know who their parents are and also the consent of their parents is required.

If both parents want to get residency, only the birth certificate, namely the translation of the child’s identity card is necessary and sufficient. And if one of the parents only intends to reside, in this case, the consent of the party who does not intend to stay in Turkey must be officially translated and have the embossed seal of the embassy and state his consent for the child to live abroad in the consent form. If the parents are divorced, the party residing in Turkey must have an officially translated document from the court stamped with the embossed embassy stamp of custody of the child. But if one parent died, the other party must bring official and translated documentary evidence of death.

If a person under the age of 18 intends to reside alone in Turkey, the translated consent of the parents for their child to reside in Turkey must be provided, and another person in Turkey must also accept the applicant’s sufficiency.


According to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (YUKK) numbered 6458, residence permit refers to the permit issued to stay in Turkey. This permit issued by the competent authorities gives the foreigner the right to live in our country for a certain period of time and in a certain place. For those who want to stay in Turkey outside the legal period of stay determined by country, it is obligatory to obtain a residence permit. 

As of 2021, the Immigration Administration has made innovations in the information and card type on the front and back of the residence permit cards. One of these innovations is the phrase ” Type of residence permit” on the back of the card .

The type of residence permit on the back of the residence permit cards indicates what type of residence you have. For example, Family residence permit, student residence permit or short-term residence permit.

What do the letters in parentheses next to the short-term residence permit type mean?

These letters indicate the purpose of your residence permit. Below you can find out what the letters on short-term residence permit cards mean.

  • ARTICLE 31 – (1) Short-term residence permit may be granted to the following foreigners:
  • a) Those who will come for scientific research
  • b) Those who own immovable property in Turkey
  • c) Those who will establish a commercial connection or business
  • ç) Those who will participate in in-service training programs
  • d) Those who will come for educational or similar purposes within the framework of agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party or student exchange programs
  • e) Those who will stay for tourism purposes
  • f) They will be treated provided that they do not have one of the diseases considered as a threat to public health.
  • g) Those who need to stay in Turkey depending on the request or decision of the judicial or administrative authorities
  • ğ) Those who changed from family residence permit to short-term residence permit
  • h) Will attend Turkish learning courses
  • ı) Those who will participate in education, research, internship and courses in Turkey through public institutions
  • i) Those who have completed their higher education in Turkey and apply within six months from the date of graduation
  • j) Investor residence

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